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At Jane Atelier we believe in style over fashion. We focus on timeless, flattering cuts and are less swayed by the latest trends. Clothing is very personal and we are honoured every time you choose to add an item of ours to your collection. Every season we make a great effort to provide classic, versatile pieces to complement and enhance your existing wardrobe. We consider each piece to be a ‘future classic’, an item you will turn to again and again, adding to your life narrative for years to come. The antithesis to fast fashion, our garments are investment pieces made for posterity. 


We have chosen to showcase our collections in an intimate environment and have purposefully abstained from fashion shows. We have never spent large sums of money on seasonal fashion show productions and this has allowed us more freedom to select premium fabrics and components for a first-class product that is often more commercially priced than our competitors. 


We acknowledge that as a business we must strive to implement best practice to reduce our impact on the environment. It will take time to rethink the way we work, shop, wear, respect and care for our clothing. True sustainability is a journey of constant evaluation, and we are forever grateful to our customers who have chosen to join and support us on ours. 


We use tried and tested quality fabrics and trims each season whilst always looking for viable ways to make our product more environmentally and ethically conscious. The materials and components we use are from reputable mills and suppliers, and we are always fully in control of the production cycle of each garment. 


The cashmere in our knitwear is from suppliers who are members of The Good Cashmere Standard and Sustainable Fibre Alliance, and can be traced back to four regions of Inner Mongolia. 


The cotton in our knitwear is from a supplier who is a member of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). The BCI is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving both the conditions in which cotton is produced, and the welfare of its growers. They are the largest cotton sustainability programme in the world.  


We have successfully trialled and introduced interlinings made from recycled polyester, and have introduced fabrics from suppliers with certifications regarding responsible forestry management.


As a niche luxury brand, we only produce what has been ordered by our wholesale customers, and website – we do not speculatively make excess stock. We will never burn or damage excess stock in the name of preserving brand exclusivity. Each of our garments is made with great care and attention. It is our intention and great hope that every piece be loved and worn by our customers over many years to come. We hold sample sales twice a year and sell on any garments still in stock after seasonal sales to premium off-price retailers.  


We don’t like waste. After each production run, all leftover fabrics and trims are collected and either used for toiling and sampling for the next season, or donated to local schools and universities. We love seeing photographs of how our scraps and remnants have been repurposed by students. We are proud to have developed and maintained the support of our community.  


We have a very strong relationship with all of the factories who make our goods. We are in constant and regular communication with them and our production team frequently visit each of our London based factories and hold video calls with those based in Europe and the Far East.


 The majority of hangers we use for shipping are made from recycled plastics. We aim to recycle as many hangers as possible, with all hangers being returned to our London factories for re-use. 


90% of all garments in our wholesale orders are delivered in either 100% recyclable or biodegradable polybags, and packed in fully recyclable & compostable cardboard boxes, sealed with fully recyclable tape. We encourage all of our wholesale customers to recycle all packaging delivered by us.